Monday, November 14, 2011

BLIND [창문] by Trax

Salam semua,

Lama xupdate blog ni. Sibuk vote Super Junior kat 2011 MAMA sampai lupa nak update blog plus takde cite menarik nak tulis.

Kali ni, nak share lagu terbaru TRAX, band dari Korea. Saya memang minat lagu2 TRAX sebab sangat best. Last week TRAX buat comeback dengan lagu baru yang lagi segar dan best, BLIND.
Blind ni kisah kekasih yang terpisah tapi bukan sebab gaduh ke apa ke..tapi sebab kematian..sedih ooo..
Kena tengok MV dia baru tau jalan cerita lagu ni macam mana.
So harap korang enjoy tengok MV BLIND ni ya. *disertakan sekali translation lagu ni
Even if you lean your head against me and blankly look at me, you don't know
I spread my arms and say that it feels so cool but you still don't know

I am invisible but I am standing in front of you
But your eyes look past me

* Just once, just once, please look for me
The more you feel, the more you feel
I become more and more invisible
At the end of my desperate prayers
If only you will find me so that I can have you in my arms

In the hazy winter frost, I try to draw my heart but you don't know
I gather the scattered raindrops and shed them instead of tears but you don't know

I am cold but I am flowing toward you
I despise myself for being square

* repeat

My heart is cracked, cut and broken
At the end of a rough day
When I am broken into pieces, you would be able to see me

** You can't see so I love you like this
Even your fingerprints in the corner
I strongly engrave them into me
My blackened and bruised heart-
I take it out and show it to you
But you just say that looks pitch-black outside

You can't see so you say that looks pitch-black outside
You just endlessly look outside the window

Credit: pop!gasa

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