Tuesday, February 01, 2011

What So Special About SJ?

Ayat ni aku jumpa masa sedang update SJ Fan Blog aku... Something very nice and meaningful to me...SJ ELF.. yes, SJ & ELF dont have anything but we have one that no other fan group and artist have.. Popularity in Asia..SJ conquer world with the help by ELF. We dont need all those benefits to make us popular and success. We are just ordinary person but we're strong enough to make our SJ become the most lovable group in Asia.
Proud to be Ever Lasting Friends because SJ is our Endless Love Forever
"咱家没有没有神话那么的好命;沒有神起出道时的好环境;没有少时和公司高层的好关系;没有弟弟团的招人疼;没有函数团的惹人爱;没有2AM的音源;没有 2PM的野性;没有WG的好待遇;没有MISS A不知哪来的超高的新人人气;没有BB在日韩两地的热度;没有2NE1的服装好待遇。三大公司的组合里就这么垫底。有的只是亚洲人气!
We are not as fortunate as Shinwa;We do not have the better economic environment of DBSK;We don’t have as close tie with company as SNSD;We are not as well liked as Shinee;We don’t the favourism given to f(x);We don’t have high digital scores like 2AM;We don’t have the wildness of 2PM;We don’t get the good welfare of WG;We don’t have the sudden popularity of Miss A;We don’t have the kpop fever that BB brought about in Japan & Korea;We don’t have wide selection of costume like 2NE1.
We are right at the bottom within the groups from the three big music giants.
What we have, is nothing but ONLY popularity in the entire Asia!"
Written by SJ, Korean ELF and Chinese ELF
Translators: Michelle Fung, Yenny WIjaya

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