Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Woman and Shoes: Designs That Best Fit to Your Style

Hello everyone,

Are you a shoe lovers? I am definitely one of them especially when it comes to sports shoes. Well, running is my passion and I'm sure some of you knew it already but this time I will not talk about sports shoes but something that every woman would love to talk to.

Shoes are definitely the fashion item which every woman needs to bring a perfect look to their outfits. An outfit will never look stunning with the wrong pair of footwear. There are plenty of shoe designs available in the market which represents different elements. Women who are looking for a new pair of shoes which can expose a different side of them will love these three gorgeous shoes for women. It will definitely give you the perfect boost of confidence whenever you need. 

Statement boots

Boots always have that certain element which transforms a woman’s appearance. For the ladies who want that extra dramatic effect, the statement boots will definite be the perfect choice. Boots embellished with studs, laser cut style and buckle designs, every women needs at least a pair of badass boots to flaunt. 

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Sparkling Glitter

It cannot be denied that every girl wants to feel special and dress like a princess once in a while. Glitter high heels will absolutely help you feel stunning and glamorous effortlessly. Match it with a nice evening dress and show it off at dinner parties, a special date night out or formal events with style. The glitter high heels will definitely make you look like a million dollars especially when it sparkles in the light. definitely must have some confidence to wear this type of shoes. hehehe

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Pretty Lace

The lace designed shoes whether it is a pair of high heels or slip on, the lace footwear will be suitable for the ladies who want to show off a feminine side of them. The soft intricate of the lace material gives you that innocent yet elegant character when you step out. Walk with confidence and still maintain your feminine appearance in front of others. Besides that, lace high heels are also a top choice of brides on their big day.  
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So, which design is your favorite? I have one in my mind now..haha

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  1. akak pun suka kasut yang ada lace tu..tapi tu la..nak pakai pi mana ..hehehe..sekarang banyak pajai kasut yang boleh lari kejar anak je..heheh

  2. Lace shoes will give a feminine look to the one who wear it. So pretty :)


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