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Your Personality Depends On How You Sleep At Night
Lawrence LeBlond for – Your Universe Online

How do you sleep at night? Do you sleep on your tummy with limbs out-stretched? Do you lay curled up in a fetal position? Or do you sleep like a log? It is probably safe to say that most of you do not think much about the way you get your Zzzs at night. But would you if you knew that the way you sleep could tell a lot about the type of personality you have?

According to body language expert Robert Phipps, the way people sleep at night actually determines a lot about the type of personality they have. In a new study on the topic, Phipps has identified four sleeping positions that affect personality.

“Our sleeping position can determine how we feel when we wake,” said Phipps.

The study was carried out as part of a survey for Premier Inn, one of the largest hotel chains in the UK. Hotel spokeswoman Claire Haigh said: “We were shocked the research revealed just how stressed we are. It is important we try to wind down after a long day and get a good night’s rest so we wake up refreshed.”

Phipps found that worriers, those who stress the most, tend to sleep in the fetal position. He found that this is by far the most common bedtime position, with nearly 58 percent of snoozers sleeping on their side with knees up and head down. The more we curl up, the more comfort we are seeking, according to Phipps.

The second most common position is the log. People who sleep with a straight body, with arms at the side, as if they are standing guard at Buckingham Palace, indicates stubbornness, and these people (the 28 percent who sleep this way) often wake up stiffer than when they went to sleep.

“The longer you sleep like this, the more rigid your thinking and you can become inflexible, which means you make things harder for yourself,” according to Phipps.

Yearner sleepers are next on the list. About 25 percent of people sleep in this style–on their backs with arms stretched out in front, looking as if they are either chasing a dream or perhaps being chased themselves. Yearners are typically their own worst critics, always expecting great results, explained Phipps. These people often wake up refreshed and eager to face the challenges of the day ahead.

However, he warned to “make sure what you yearn for is what you really want or you’ll spend a lot of wasted time and energy.”

Perhaps the most peculiar of sleep styles is the freefaller position. This sleep style makes up 17 percent of the population. They sleep face down with arms stretched out. These people, according to Phipps, feel like they have little control over their life. Not only is this the oddest of sleep styles, it also the least comfortable, and people may wake up feeling tired and have no energy.

In conclusion, Phipps has only one more thing to add: “A good night’s sleep sets you up for the following day and our sleeping positions can determine how we feel when we wake.”

Source: Lawrence LeBlond for - Your Universe Online & Here 

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