Friday, May 04, 2012

[Update] Free K-Pop Artist Poster Give away - Latest info

Hello guys,

Kindly be informed that the posters has been posted to your home. Please refer here if you forgot what poster you have requested.

I am apologised for very late posting the poster because I am so busy lately. My hectic schedule at office, home and class has limit my time to send the posters. 

If you receive the poster, kindly reply to this entry as soon as possible as I want to make sure that all of you receive as what you have requested.

There are few request that I can't fulfill as I have closed the event. I will do the giveaway next time when I have enough posters to give you.

Till we meet again.


  1. Unnie, I'm Hajar(Siti Hajar Nadhirah) had just received the posters that I've requested from you.
    Thank you so much unnie! =D
    These posters really brighten up my day after all the stay up all night completing my work yesterday~

    My posters are:
    1)Double sided - B1A4 & JYJ
    2)Double sided - SHINee & You're Beautiful
    3)Mini poster - SHINee

    Again, I wanna say thank you so much for spending a little bit of your precious time,sending such lovely gift to me, all of us, FOR FREE!
    And when I counted the value of the stamp, it is RM1 =.='
    RM1 for 1 person...
    You must have spent a lot on sending it huh? =.='
    And again~ thank you so much unnie~ =D

  2. Salam,

    Welcome..and sorry for very late posting cos I am too busy. Working, studying,too many things i have to handle at the same time..
    i will do the same event again next time but at the moment, still collect the posters...once i have enough posters, i will announce again. :)


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