Thursday, June 09, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is a special day for my mother. Guess what? Haha.. Today is her birthday..her 55th years birthday. I'm so glad that she still can celebrate her birthday this year even though she's not feeling well just like before.
Last night, I went to the room to wish her birthday but she already slept. So, I just kissed her cheek but suddenly she wake up and smile at me. "Mom, happy birthday". That's my simple wish. I felt like want to cry. I'm so happy cos I can see my mother's smile during her birthday. Feel grateful that she still alive and be with me in this world. I have no other special person than my mother. She is a precious gift from GOD to me. Nothing I could do if she's not with me. My very best supporter. My very best friend. My very best advisor. My very best partner. She is a Tai Wan Mei (perfection) for me. She's good in all way.

GOD, thank you for gave me such a special person as my mother. You know what's the best for me.
Please Bless her life. I wish she will stay and live with me until the end of the day.

MOM, I just want you to know that how much I love you. I can't live without you.

Happy Birthday Mom.

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