Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[FAN PROJECT] Photo Collage

Thanks for commenting to my earlier post. I've decided to do photo collage. Basically my idea is to make 5 photo collage consist all Super Junior and the sub-units T,M,H & KRY. However, if there's not so many feedback/response, we will only do a photo collage in-conjuction to SJ 6th Anniversary this November.

So, here are the details of the project:
1. We need to collect/ donate money for this project. Minimum donation should be RM10 but if you afford to donate more than that, that would be so good.
2. We will collect all/any beautiful SJ photos (only HQ photo) to be print. I hope all of you can donate photo too. Please remove the logo/watermark. 
3. We will buy a big photo frame (Ikea got more choice & type) but if we have more money than we will continue with 5 frames.
4. We will select a date to gather all members to do the photo collage. If we cannot finish on that day, anyone can volunteer to continue it.

How To Do The Photo Collage [in malay]
1. Once duit semua dh cukup, kita akan beli photo frame bersaiz besar. Me dah survey kat Ikea siang td. Harga xmahal around RM16-17 je. Quality is good. Saiz besar. Itu kalo kita cuma buat more than 1 collage but if we don't have a big budget we will buy a bit expensive photo frame for SJ 6th anniversary.

2. Everyone should contribute SJ photo from your own collection but please contribute only HQ photo sebab senang nk print nnt. Lagi banyak gmbr lagi bagus. We will cut the photo into shape or kalo photo tu jenis yg mmg xleh nk cut into shape then we just maintain the original photo.

3. BG for frame tu kita akan gunakan wrapping paper warna Sapphire Blue yg kilat2 tu. Harga sekitar RM2.50 sekeping. 

4.  Kalo boleh kita semua gather one day & ramai2 kita buat photo collage ni. I'm planning to all of us, kalo boleh select one day yg seramai mana member yg boleh join la.

5. Not only SJ photo, but all of our member will be put on the frame too. Give your best photo to be put on the frame so bila SJ receive the photo collage dorang tau la fans mana yg bg present tu kat dorang.

6. Kita akan decor photo collage to according to idea yg kita akan kumpul nnt.

How To Sent:
Ok, this part yg agak critical. Do any of you kenal or tau mana2 rep yg boleh tolong sampaikan hadiah kpd SJ? Kalo ada please inform me asap.
Need the details of the person to give credit.

So far, this is my idea. I hope to receive feedback by this week. Please only give feedback if you want to join this project. If not interested, no need to comment. 

Please confirm your participation in this project latest by end of this week cos I'm planning to start this project early. We need time to do this.

I hope this project will be success and we can send it to them and make them proud of us.


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