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You make me feel heartbreaking, but I still love you.

你讓我心酸不已,可我愛的還是你。You make me feel heartbreaking, but I still love you.
如果全世界都抛弃Super Junior,那么ELF会背叛全世界!
If the world betrays Super Junior, ELFs will betray the whole world!

You used to said there wasn’t enough mics, the stage wasn’t big enough. Now the stage is big enough, and enough mics for you, how come some of you are absent.

起范啊!哥做到了!——李特(Sorry sorry打榜時第一個冠軍)
Kibum ma! Hyungs got it!(The first tropy for sorry sorry in music bank)

See you again 4 JIB, there will not be any change of heart. ——Leeteuk

別人說的什麼,我聽見的什麼,都不想去關心。13…& ELF。
Whatever they say, whatever I listen, I don’t wanna care. 13…&ELF.
Hangeng, Kangin, Kibum, I love you. ——Donghae(CY update during 4JIB)

Although you’re not be my side now, I know we’re always together. I didn’t say I love you, but I know we love each other. Even though we didn’t mention “Only”, we  know that we are 13 in 1. ——Donghae(Twitter update during 4 JIB)

Those who trust me and follow me, hold up the albums with both hands, yell powerfully but also modestly. SJ is SJ. ——Heechul(CY update during 4JIB)

I believe everyone knows that they were suju05 in the very beginning. Actually the members of suju06 were selected, another 13 members. With the unexpected popularity of U, suju05 can continue further, if not then the old members have to disband and survive by their own. Suju is always the experiment product. Luckily, the experiment never fail.

We don’t mind waiting as long as your path is full of happiness.

We leave the space for you, hyung you just need to stand there. ——Eunhyuk said to Heechul
(During 3JIB, Heechul was busy with acting, no time to practice with members. When he heard dongsaeng said this to him, he hid himself in make-up room and cried.)

Thank you, I love you, remember you forever. ——SJ said to ELF

Wonderful sapphire blue filling the sky, the ballons float slowly and become small, just like the heart of every fans. It looks small when viewing them far, but if they gather together, they’re strong enough to protect our beloved one.

ELF其實還有另一個解釋——Endless Love Forever
ELF actually has another meaning——Endless Love Forever

We have been waiting for you for 5 years! ——Vietnamese ELF

 ”Kim Kibum, did you eat well?” (Written on Korean ELFs’ banners, cried when see that)

He won’t change for anyone but is willing to change for SJ.

Except SJ, there is nothing to be my ultimate. ——Kangin

In my heart, I just want to protect SJ, let it last forever. ——Leeteuk

Although you’re seperate, you’re still in one group. ——Heechul

If S and J missing from the 26 alphabets, the remaining one won’t be 24 alphabets. It’s because ELF will leave together with them!

We want to fly higher and farther, until the whole world is covered with Sapphire blue.

Meeting you is the most beautiful unexpected matter in my life.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13,数到13就不哭,ELF很坚强。
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13, count until 13 and stop crying, ELFs are tough.

Not knowing what forever is, we therefore have to cherish the present. ——Kangin

Although with the most number of members, they stay true & united as one, anytime,anywhere, just like before. Through the bad & good times, when they were at valley low, or at the peak now, their hearts beat as one, just like when they first started.

If SJ don’t leave, ELFs won’t let go of it.

宝蓝色没有覆盖到全世界,Super Junior不会停滞不前的。——李特
Before the Sapphire blue covers the whole world, Super Junior won’t stop their path. ——Leeteuk

We don’t mind if he isn’t there, what we care is, he comes but we’re not there. ——Fans of Hangeng

ELFs have a big heart, big enough to hold all of the 13, but ELFs hearts are small at the same time, so small that we can only take in 13! (Said this when 2 JIB)

ELF:If OPPAs are not on the stage, I’d rather close my eyes.
SJ:If ELFs are not under the stage, I’d rather not standing on the stage.

Always keep the memory of meeting ELF in my heart even if I die. ——Donghae

SJ is SJ, no one can replace it with his own name, SJ can’t compare itself with the others as well. We are the fixed characters of SJ. It’s because the member of SJ is a lot, everyone are looking when we play with each other, argue with each other, cry with each other, bear hardships with each other, but cherish each other as well. Therefore, our SJ can survive. It’s because we are members of SJ, we are all together as
ONE. ——Heechul

To the world, they are only 13 ordinary men, but to me, these 13 men are my whole world.

Please love them deeply if you love them, please don’t hurt them if you don’t love them.

(2008.07.27 1000天 fan meeting)
李特 : 你們覺得SJ應該是多少人?
ELF : 13個!
李特 : 今後不管碰到什麼事SJ有多少人?
ELF : 13個!
(2008.07.27 1000 day-fan meeting)
Leeteuk: How many people do you think SJ should have?
ELF: 13!
Leeteuk: In future, no matter what happen, how many people does SJ have?
ELF: 13!
Leeteuk: From now on, no matter 10 or 20 years, SJ is 13 people forever!

Thanks for following me such a Hyung which is not good enough wherever I go.(said to members) ——Leeteuk

Thank you for was born in this world. ——Heechul said to Hangeng

13 people re-gather together once again, just like losing love and found it again. ——Donghae

ELF: I love you all forever, how about you?
Heechul: 1 day more than you.

20 years later, you becomes 40s, and I becomes 50s, hope that I can still sit under the stage, watch you singing, and clap for you.
(It means even though SJ and ELFs are getting old, we will still support these 13 people, listening them singing, be with them forever .)

Not end but and…——Leeteuk

ELF: You always touch us.
Donghae: ELFs always give us the feeling of being touched and loved.

ELF: Is it no such thing as love?
Leeteuk: Then, what are we doing?

ELF: OPPAs, send me a reply without honorific form!
Sungmin: Without honorific form…..erm….SaRangHae SaRangHae SaRangHae

ELF: Thanks for being singers!   
Kyuhyun: Thanks for being ELF.

ELF: OPPAs, did you take the wrong medicine?    (In chinese, it means “what’s wrong with you?”)
Kyuhyun: Your love poisons us!

强仁:你们为什么要誓死守护我们?ELF由super junior守护。
ELF: Whatever they say, we are the one to protect OPPAs!
Kangin: Why you have to pledge and protect us? Super Junior is the one to protect ELFs.

ELF: SJ has 13 people, from Leeteuk to Kyuhyun.
Kyuhyun: SJ has 14 people, from Leeteuk to ELF.

 如果因为我而阻碍了Super Junior的发展,那么我愿意退出Super Junior。——神童
If Super Junior is hindered because of my presence, I’m willing to quit from Super Junior. ——Shindong

We won’t let this happen in the future, even it happens, we won’t seperate. ——Kangin
不管过了十年还是二十年,只要你们还是Super Junior,我们就还是ELF。
10 or 20 years later, we’re still ELFs, as long as you’re still Super Junior.

I don’t care if I have to sacrifice everything, I want to protect the Sapphire blue ocean. It’s because I’m the EverLastingFriends of Super Junior.

李特:Super Junior不是一个两年三年就会解散的组合,而是会10年、20年甚至30年都不会解散的组合,直到ELF不要我们为止。ELF会不要我们吗?
ELF:不会,永远都不会,一直守护着 Super Junior。
Leeteuk: Super Junior isn’t that kind of group that will disband after one year two years or three years, but will never be disbanded until 10 years 20 years or even 30 years later, until ELF don’t want us anymore. Will ELF abandon us?
ELF: No, it won’t happen forever. We will always protect Super Junior.

国旗真美。——韩庚 (是指中國國旗,他回到中國的時候說這樣的話,意思是,終於到家了,好想家)
The national flag is really beautiful. ——Hangeng  (This refers to Chinese national flag, he said this when going back to China, it means he finally go back to home, he really misses his home)

Without you, I’m nothing. Because of you, at least I’m ELF.
The world is big, but for me, only these 13 people are worth-loving.

我是永远的Super Junior的队长。——李特
I’m the leader of Super Junior forever. ——Leeteuk

Before relying on the others, first you have to trust yourself. ——Heechul

Mum, I don’t care anything, just want you to live better. ——Hangeng

如果我不是Super Junior的成员,将会过着怎样孤独的人生。——艺声
If I was not the member of Super Junior, I would live a lonely life. ——Yesung

In future, I will lead you all to move forward with other hyungs. ——Kangin

It’s the best moment when we 13 members gather together. ——Shindong

Go and try, because we are together. ——Sungmin

Rather than members of a group, I treat you as brothers. ——Eunhyuk

People don’t smile because of feeling haengbok, but feel haengbok because of smiling.

Hangeng hyung, you’ve bear lots of hardships for long, I know you’re really tired, everything will be alright. ——Siwon

I take care of them on behalf of their parents. ——Ryeowook

Heechul is my most close brother. ——Kibum

Never give up unless I die. ——Kyuhyun

I want to cry to make you smile, but you smile to make me cry.

我知道要做我们的FANS有多难,我们从来不休息,不停的发新专辑…如果我是SJ FANS的话,我可能会自己放弃的。真得很感激我的FANS,他们对我来说就像是空气那样重要。离开了空气,我们活不到1分钟。——李特
I know it’s really hard to be our fans, we never rest, non-stop releasing albums…If I was one of Super Junior’s fans, I would probably give up. Really want to thank my fans, to me, they are as important as the air. Living without air, we can’t be alive for 1 minute. ——Leeteuk

We’re SUJU even if we develop well; We’re SUJU even if we fail; We’re SUJU even if we fight with each other; We’re SUJU even if we hate each other; We’re SUJU even if we get married; We’re SUJU even if we have many fans, We’re SUJU even if all fans leave. I can’t quit, and don’t need to talk more, you can see that we’re becoming better and better. Let’s last forever. ——Heechul
We’re ELF even if we are becoming stronger; We’re ELF even if SJ fails; We’re ELF even if we argue with each other; We’re ELF even if we hate each other; We’re ELF even if we get married; We’re ELF even if SJ have many members when comparing with other groups; We’re ELF even if all SJ members develop separately. I can’t quit, and don’t need to talk more, you can see, we’re becoming better and better. Let’s last forever together with SJ. ——ELF

在大部分海外饭的眼中,Super Junior 是15人的。
Most of the foreign ELF think that Super Junior consists of 15 people.
We were extremely terrified and almost collapsed during 2JIB, it was really a nightmare at that time. I won’t forget how many times I cried for that, how much I worried about that. If we didn’t insist at that time, what will it become now? Is it there will be more familiar faces leave, and more new faces come, then the original one becomes my past?

13只你们只要做好自己就好 ,其他交给ELF! 
13 of you just need to do your best, ELFs will do the rest!

咱家没有没有神话那么的好命;沒有神起出道时的好环境;没有少时和公司高层的好关系;没有弟弟团的招人疼;没有函数团的惹人爱;没有2AM的音源;没有 2PM的野性;没有WG的好待遇;没有MISS A不知哪来的超高的新人人气;没有BB在日韩两地的热度;没有2NE1的服装好待遇。三大公司的组合里就这么垫底。有的只是亚洲人气!
We are not as fortunate as Shinwa;We do not have the better economic environment of DBSK;We don’t have as close tie with company as SNSD;We are not as well liked as Shinee;We don’t the favourism given to f(x);We don’t have high digital scores like 2AM;We don’t have the wildness of 2PM;We don’t get the good welfare of WG;We don’t have the sudden popularity of Miss A;We don’t have the kpop fever that BB brought about in Japan & Korea;We don’t have wide selection of costume like 2NE1.
We are right at the bottom within the groups from the three big music giants.
What we have, is nothing but ONLY popularity in the entire Asia!

我们Super Junior并不是谁比较好,谁比较弱这样的组合。13个人在一起才是闪闪发光的舞台。——强仁
We Super Junior is not the group which member is better and which member is worse. The stage looks bright only when 13 people are together.

我关心的只有一点,就是 SJ能否有好的发展。——希澈
What I care is only one thing, that is whether SJ can have a good development. ——Heechul

今年年底妖精各种虐心。mama那高尖端痴傻的颁奖礼放到一边不谈,往日当做干爹干妈看待的金唱片和melon却一个赛着一个不给力。话说SJ今年的《美 人啊》虽然不及去年《sorry sorry》的异常给力,但也不至于结果虐心虐到这种地步。果然,干爹干妈都是亲妈的拜把兄弟,亲妈众女轻男,疼女儿不疼儿子,干爹干妈也只能随风而倒。 本人认识的死忠妖精不少,那几天微博刷的我都要泪流满面。不过,看着妖精们还能为了奖而拧成一股劲的着急上火,争风吃醋,觉得真是幸福——要知道有那么一 些团体已经四分五裂,有那么一些粉丝也已经劳燕分飞,为了不能得奖而流泪这么幸福的事情对于这些人来说已经成为遥远的过去时和没有可能的将来时。
Various heartache of ELF on this year end. Put aside The highly sophisticated award ceremony of MAMA. The important GDA and MELON one by one being unfair. Heard that although SJ’s album this year, “Bonamana” is not popular as “Sorry Sorry”, the result should not be such heartache result. As expected, GDA and Melon just like sworn brothers to SM, SM biased on girls, loves daughter not the son, GDA and Melon just follows the wind. I know a lot of loyal ELF, I am shedding tears reading the weibo post on that few days. However, seeing ELF who feel angry, full of worriness, jealous because of the award, I feel really happy - to know there are some groups have fragmented, there are some fans have also been leaving the idols, such happy thing of shedding tears for not winning the award, for these people, has become a distant past tense and impossible future tense.
ELF, Please see, Even though wearing old clothes, even though the number is not the complete 13, Even though is not appreaciated by SM, but our oppas are still standing on the stage to sing and dance in the name of SJ, although treated like an orphan, but still in the name of SJ, Please smile in silence for SJ.

Remember the days of ONLY13, there is a Korean ELF held a banner, what written there was: Don’t look down at us ELF!
Written by SJ, Korean ELF and Chinese ELF
Translators: Michelle Fung, Yenny WIjaya


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