Wednesday, February 02, 2011


CHO KYUHYUN... You came to this world 23 years ago
CHO KYUHYUN... You grow as a cute and handsome boy
CHO KYUHYUN... You always show your charming and brighter smile
CHO KYUHYUN... Your voice makes me feel warm
CHO KYUHYUN... Your handsome and cute face always make me smile

CHO KYUHYUN... What Day Is Today?
CHO KYUHYUN... What Makes Today Is Special Day?
CHO KYUHYUN... Why Is It Today Is So Special For You?
CHO KYUHYUN... Where Do You Gonna Celebrate This Special Day?

CHO KYUHYUN... Happy Birthday 
CHO KYUHYUN... Selamat Hari Lahir
CHO KYUHYUN... Saengil Chukahae

My wish you will always happy and smile on your birthday. Hope you will always stay healthy. Be strong and please don't get sick. I always love you. 

This video is not belong to me but I just wanna help this fan to spread the birthday video which specially made for you. Hope if you read my post and watch this video, you gonna happy and smile for the whole day.
I love you Kyuhyun.


  1. Saengil Chukhae Hanmida!hahaha..

  2. Sama gak..nak gak wish kat dia, Saengil Chukahae..kalo la dia baca post akak ni kan...*start dreamin


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