Thursday, February 03, 2011


Note ni aku jumpa masa tengah online facebook.. Adik aku, Syafienaz tag aku dalam note ni.
Memang sangat sesuai untuk kita semua yang bergelar ELF.
EHEH..So, enjoy ye read this.. 

disease name: EverLastingFriends aka ELF

cause: Super Junior

sign and symptom:

  • listening to their song everyday
  • screaming everytime u see their cute face or abs
  • laughing alone
  • smiling alone
  • all ur stuff turn into pink
  • loves rain very much
  • all ur things full with their things
  • buying their album
  • stuck for hours in front laptop
  • wake up early just for their update
  • stay all nite worried about them
  • say sorry in a melody
  • talk for hour just about them aka meroyan
  • download all the variety show
  • remotes always in your hands
  • cry without reasons
  • stalk their tweet
  • starving for chocolates abs

stage of the disease:

  • acute : love them but not know about them
  • chronic : even their shoes size u know it!!

treatment : Super Show

Medicine : their voices

period to get better : u never be better anymore once u get it! >.<

phobia to : sapphire blue ocean

warning: if u close to the person who already confirm ELF,  u will be infected!! 


  1. Ouch!seperti kena btg idung sndri la pulak kan..kekeke..akak,nak copy gak ley?

  2. leh je..akak pun copy org lain nye..kekeke

  3. ohh~
    nmpknya saya pun dah kena penyakit ni tahap yang paling kronik skali kot..
    hehe XD

  4. hahaha...semua yg suka suju sume ada sakit ni..keke


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