Monday, January 24, 2011

They are sorry T_T but Supposed to apologize to Heechul oppa ^ ^

To E.L.F
Firstly, we're really sorry.. Saying such horrible words to your everlasting friends, the people that you love and support, we sincerely apologize. It would be great if you can treat it like everyone was just really sensitive and going through hard times. To be honest we're really envious.. ^^ It's been really difficult.. But despite that, E.L.F continues to stand by and treasure Super Junior, isn't it? For us.. Even though we give our everything to support them, there's nothing by our side.

Cassiopeia is E.L.F's husband, E.L.F is Cassiopeia's beautiful bride.. Up to this point we've lived together so happily, in future too.. like that.. caring for each other.. crying ---together-.. if we can all smile and laugh together, that would be great.

We're really sorry.
From. Cassiopeia

-Rough translation of a message that a Cassiopeia friend of mine @1226_theTVXQwrote this morning, with regards to the words of Heechul and some Cassiopeia's response-

Original message
To. E.L.F
일단, 정말죄송합니다..여러분의영원한친구,여러분이사랑하고응원하는분에게막말한점정말사과드려요..다들많이예민해져서그렇다고생각하시면좋겠습니다..사실많이부럽거든요..다섯명을좋아하면..잡팬이래요..^^..많


Ini yang aku dapat daripada FB tadi..even its a bit late but in my point of view... I dont think those fan who bashing Heechul is a real Cassies...maybe he more like to be antis. Ialahkan, kadang2 tu orang sanggup menyamar sebab nak amik kesempatan. Macam juga bila ada ELF yang hentam SuJu sendiri..sebenarnya dorang tu ialah antis but pretend to be ELF sebab nak burukkan nama baik ELF sendiri. I really hate this. As we know, ELF and Cassies are harmony friend. We've been through difficulties and we also help each other to promote our boy band and even our boy band also support each other..Why dont we just do that? besides bashing each other just because of some stupid fans who creating the chaos..??? Our heart must to be strong..if not? other fanbase will laugh at us and they will happy to see us fighting. Im sure SJ & TVXQ also will not happy to see this. 
So, come on guys, just leave those stupid people (antis) and let's be together again. Im not a Cassies but honestly I do support TVXQ as what SuJu did. 
Im an ELF and Im so proud of how SuJu teach me to respect other fandom and artist. 




  1. setuju dgn pe yg akk cakap..and i like the way cassie say sorry to us~~

  2. setuju sbb cassies ngn elf kena bersatu demi sj n tvxq


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