Friday, January 14, 2011


Last night ast Stadium Negara,Kuala Lumpur was held DigiLive Kpop Party 2011.
3 Kpop artist who performed are Beast, 4Minute and G.Na.
Wah...dah macam news report je..hehehe..
Tapi yang paling best untuk aku ialah when my dream came true. Thanks to my friend, Syed Sahibul who gave me 2 Platinum Zone tickets for me to watch the concert. Im so excited since i just starting to love Beast and 4Minute.So, I gave another ticket to my lovely twin, Ain.
So, after asking for my mum's permission, we can go to the concert.
We arrived at the stadium about 5.15 pm and the show started at 8pm with the MC brief about the show in about 1/2 hour. First artist to performed is G.Na followed by 4Minutes and Beast is the last artist do their performance.
We really enjoy the show especially when 4 Minute and Beast sang their hit songs like; 4Minute[Huh, I My Me Mine, Muzik & Hot Issue] while Beast perform about 5-6 songs like Soom, Beautiful, Very Important U, Shock etc.
It was heavy rain when we gather at the front door of the stadium...almost all of us get wet because the door just open at 6.15 pm..
Overall, the party was great...
Here are some photos..

Me at the stadium

my twin, Ain

my twin with one chingu, Raihan

1st artist to perform is G.Na


  1. Akak gi ngan kak ain??best nyeeee~~~~~~

  2. yes...dapat tiket free sbb tu gi..hehhe.. dpt tgk depan mata sbb dapt tiket platinum zone.. hensem giler beast..4minute plak cantik2


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