Monday, November 01, 2010

Super Junior 5TH Album...

E.L.F.: Take out the 5th album!!

[Angel Teuk] The 5th album is next year~^^

This is Eeteuk's UFO reply..WOW!!!! He's confirming that Super Junior 5th Album will be release next year.
YEAY!!!!!!! I'm soooooo happy. Know why? Cos I can listen to their songs..hehehe
So excited and I hope the price would be the same as Bonamana.
Hmm..wondering what song would be the title and the main single. Hope it's more power than Bonamana and as sweet as No Other too. 
As for today, Super Junior have never makes me feel dissapointed with their song. So, I hope the 5th album also be DEABAK!!!
ELF, what are we waiting for? Make sure next year will be the year of Super Junior. We gonna make it true!!! Super Junior will always be strong because we, their ELF are always be by their side. Let's wish, pray and make an effort towards the 5th album. 

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