Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Thought Of Mine

These day, im so crazy and addicted with Twitter. Know Y? Hahaha..
I dont know why but i do enjoy online twitter since i get so many friends there and of course my twitter account is specially made for ELF, Super Junior ELF.
Hmm...people keep wondering why do i love Super Junior? My family, my friends and other people also keep asking me why im so in love with those boys from South Korea.
What answer should i give to them? I have no idea bout that since it's not a big problem for me.
Being Suju addict is not what im planning in my life but this is what i call faith.
Hahaha.. Super Junior is so special to me. Why? Cos when im starting to love them, i know that they gonna change the whole of my life, the whole world of mine.
I cant help it but to be honest i do like it. Im getting to be crazy or "gila-gila" when im starting to love them. OMG! I get my whole life back! Yes...it's because Super Junior.
Im not that kind of serious person like what people said. Yeah..when you see or look at me, of course you will say that im a serious person. But its not my fault. Working environment change the whole of my life actually. I must become more matured in order to be accept in the office. I must be bit of serious cos i have to. 
OO..Workind for few years and people said "Anim, you're so matured now".. Hey, dont call me like that la. I hate that. I want to be young forever eventhough nothing last forever like what Eeteuk said. But, please dont keep pushing me to be mature and more serious cos im so tired with all this. I want to be myself...the real Anim who very "kecoh" and "gila-gila" and very cheerfull girl.
Hehehe..suddenly, i falling in love with Super Junior. Omo!!! What kind of love is this? Its not in reality? Hahaha..im the one who chose it. I decided to be Super Junior lover. Know Y?
Because i feel tired to love "namja" (man/lelaki). Of course Super Junior also namja but i love the way they express their feelings to the fans call EverLasting Friend (E.L.F). It so unique.
I've never see in my life, a boy band express their feeling to the fans and they really thought that E.L.F are their girlfriend.
Hey, they always express it through their show and song. Can you find any other artist doing the same things like what they did? The answer is NO!. You will never find it unless you become Super Junior's fan.
I still remember when i went to Super Junior Concert, Super Show 2, the VCR show what Super Junior thought. OOO..it's really touching. You can feel the love. Not expecting myself to drop the tears, but it's naturally drop. Nobody can understand the relationship between Super Junior and E.L.F. Only us know that. People can say anything without knowing the true feeling.
Hmm..the best thing is, when im started to be their fans, i get so many friends from different countries which is i was not expecting that my life will change not a bit but big change of my life.
Seriously, i've so many friends since i've became E.L.F. Im so happy. Deep in my heart, i said to myself that i should thanks to Super Junior for changing my life from a bit boring especially when i online FB, i dont know what to do but now, not only FB, Twitter and blog also help me making so many friends. Hahaha..thats the power of E.L.F.
Learning different language like Hangul, really makes me feel like oo..i've so many things to do in my life and im not boring anymore. Hahaha
To all my friends. thanks for making my life such a beautiful day everyday. You guys are always with me when im sad or happy. Always support me when im down.
To my very special boyfriends..Super Junior..thank you for made up my day. Thanks for reply my twit, comment my FB status and thanks for the most romantic and lovely song No Other. You guys makes me smile everyday.

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