Thursday, August 05, 2010

I Have My Own Life

Have you ever feeling stress? I always stress with my life. Working life and being adult making me feeling the stress. I dont know why..maybe because i cant handle it or i can handle it but people around me keep pushing me to do everything. Im not a robot not even a slave, but they way some people treat me is like im their slave. Being treat's really hurts me lot. Deep in my heart, i cry alone. I feel lonely...I've to be strong...that's what my friends told me. I've try but sometimes, i just cant be strong enough. Im an ordinary person who have my own thought and feeling. I own my life. I dont think people can keep asking me to do everything that i dont want to do. Stop from disturbing my life. 

I need to be alone and spend time for my life too. I dont like people keep bothering my life.
Who are you?? I dont mind unless if you are my mum or my sister or my best friends...but if you're nothing in my life..stop it..i dont like it.. I will hate you.. Hate you..Hate you...

I need privacy in my life..dont bother my life...dont worry bout my life... I can handle it..
Even it sounds arrogant but after all..I have my own life. Understand!!!

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